Tiger hollow Stadium

Located on the Ridgefield High School campus in historic Ridgefield Connecticut

Tiger Hollow Stadium is one of the premier athletic stadiums in the area which supports both school and community events.

Tiger Hollow Stadium

This large scale facility can comfortably accommodate up to 5,000 spectators which makes it an ideal location for large events. While it’s primary use is for school sports activities, Tiger Hollow is booked throughout the fall, spring and summer seasons with other activities such as: Relay for Life, Strongman Competition, July 4th Fireworks, Adult Soccer, Father’s Day 5K Race, youth league programs, summer camps, etc.

The Tiger Hollow Stadium facility was a gift to the Town of Ridgefield by an impressive fundraising effort spearheaded by dedicated Ridgefield community leaders. That generosity and spirit lives on via the Tiger Hollow Inc. Board who continue to oversee and support the facility. To read more about the history of Tiger Hollow please visit the Tiger Hollow History page.

Turf Fields

The turf field chosen to be installed at Tiger Hollow (one of the first high school synthetic grass with rubber infill fields in Connecticut) was the result of exhaustive research and a commitment to provide a safe, more durable playing surface for our kids. Seven years of playing experience and thousands of athletes later, Tiger Hollow continues to be the field desired by coaches and athletes across multiple sports. The facts and observations highlighted below represent close to 10 years of knowledge, exposure and experience.


Artificial Fields are laid on top of plus/minus three feet of three grades of gravel. Pure water flows through the carpet backing directly through the filtering rock. This clean, non-chemically treated water flows back into the surrounding watersheds cleaner than when it is first on the field.

The artificial field’s rubber infill is an inorganic/nonbacterial material and requires no regular treatment like other grass fields requiring thousands of pounds of fertilization/herbicides and lime that can flow directly into the watershed system, directly and indirectly polluting it. Artificial fields are cleaned with a very light water-based commercial disinfectant cleanser when debris/spillage gets leaked onto the field.


Click here to read the Ridgefield Press Article from 2008 on Dave Landers and Vinny Pannozzo’s retirement from the Tiger Hollow Inc. Board, in which they discuss how the idea for the Tiger Hollow Stadium was conceived.

Our Mission

“It’s All About The Kids”

To further the educational and athletic excellence of the children of Ridgefield through perpetual support of select capital projects, aligning these initiatives with the objectives and efforts of local municipal and volunteer organizations.

Tiger Hollow Needs Your Help!!!

Currently we are fundraising for our update amenities at Tiger Hollow. We have a few small pieces that we want to still update and need your help to do so!

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to make a donation of any amount that is not project specific.

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700 North Salem Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 894-5750 ext. 2451
[email protected]


700 North Salem Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 894-5750 ext 2451
[email protected]